What is Float Therapy?

You might have heard of float therapy before, though previously called "sensory deprivation" or "isolation" therapy. Based on its name, you bob about in a light-free and sound-free enclosed tub that’s filled with salt water to keep you gently afloat. Many who have used float tanks said that the relaxed state you’re in also serves as a healing state for many conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia and even jet lag, here’s how:

  • When the body is in the floating posture at the right temperature, it dilates the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure and maximizes blood flow.
  • Brain activity that is normally connected to postural muscles is reduced to a minimum.
  • Lactic acid removal is accelerated, making it a good option for athletes who are constantly pushing their limits.
  • Natural endorphins are released, helping reduce pain points.
  • Flow in the lymphatic system is increased.

Six reasons why floating could be your next thing:

1. It's Nice and Roomy

Flotation chambers used to be in little tanks, which was not great for those prone to claustrophobia. But over the years as float therapy has progressed, their tubs have grown bigger. For example, some float therapy businesses have chambers that are eight feet long by five wide with a ceiling that is seven feet high, allowing you to move about freely and not feel confined.

2. It's Completely Private

Some float centers are known to be luxurious and cater to individual needs. They can come with their own suite that has a private shower, a small dressing room, basic toiletries, and a plush towel and bathrobe. The reason you’re provided with all this is because you’re supposed to enter the float tank naked, and squeaky clean. But if you want to wear a bathing suit that’s fine, too. Once you’ve stripped your clothes, take a hot shower, then go to the floatation tub and let the floating begin.

3. It's Squeaky Clean

Float centers pride themselves on cleanliness, and for good reason. Many float therapy businesses have high-tech systems that purify the water four times between each user, running it through an ultraviolet disinfection process. Just minutes after the float is over, a machine whirs to life, starting a thorough disinfecting process. If there's any doubt, just ask.

4. You'll Love the Feeling

In order to stay afloat in the tub, the flat center put about 1,300 pounds of Epsom salts in 260 gallons of warm water. As your mind eases into a relaxed state, soft music that is streamed in through speakers slowly turns down. The floatation chamber is now completely quiet and soundproof, so much that not even a live concert outside the tank can be heard.

5. You Can Take Your Time

Many float centers offer sessions that last an hour or longer. Free of gadgets, people, and technology, this hour alone will have you feeling completely recharged and ready to take on the world. Many people with high-stress jobs find float tanks to be their one hour in the week where they can disconnect from all of their distractions and have some time to themselves.

6. Float Therapy is for Everyone

Anyone can do float therapy, but before you buy the first float therapy package you see, shop around and explore the features of each center. Float therapy centers vary in price and what they offer to their customers, so see which one best suits your needs.

Our Favorite Float Therapy

Pause Float: $69 per one hour session


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