What Are Superfoods?

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On Friday, March 10th we held a special workshop at SoHo House in West Hollywood to talk about our favorite superfoods and all the amazing things they can do for your body and your health! Even better, we discussed how you can incorporate these superfoods into your diet with easy-to-make recipes. If you missed the workshop—have no fear—we've recapped it all for you right here!

Superfoods 101

The word "superfood" is one you've probably heard before, but exactly what are superfoods? We're glad you asked. They are a special category of foods that are found in nature. By definition superfoods are low in calories and high in nutrients, meaning they pack in a lot of punch for their weight. They're a great source of antioxidants and essential nutrients that our body needs, but that we cannot make ourselves.

Benefits of superfoods

We answered the common question of "what are superfoods?" and now we're going to talk about our favorite superfoods and the benefits of each! Here's everything you might have missed at the Renew Juicery workshop:

Goji berries: Two words that come to mind when talking about goji berries—beauty and longevity. Packed full of antioxidants these little berries can help fight free radicals, which may slow the aging process. They also are known to boost energy, improve circulation, and boost immunity.

Golden berries: Aside from being rich in antioxidants, these little morsels are known to help balance cholesterol, slow (or even reverse) the spreading of free radicals throughout the body, boost eye health, and promote optimal kidney health.

Pearl powder: Often used for beauty purposes, this heart opening herb is known to help clear skin, decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and regenerate collagen production. In addition to being used topically, it can also be ingested!

Ashwagandha: This powerful herb has been used for centuries to help calm stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen production. Ashwagandha can be ingested and used topically.

Astragalus: This is one of our favorite herbs that's known to renew the cells your body is made up of. It can help support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight against fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also great to help clear brain fog and improve mental clarity.

Chlorophyll: In liquid form this can be put in water (or any beverage of your choice) and is a great energy booster. In additional, it's known to have other benefits like help in hormonal balance, detoxification of the body, and promote healthy digestion.

Raw honey: Contains phytonutrients that are rich in antioxidants and work to help fight inflammation. It's also rich in minerals and is known to be immune boosting, increase energy levels, and help promote melatonin production.

Camu camu: Has a higher concentration of vitamin C than any other food! This makes it incredibly great for your immune system and skin. Known to help boost collagen production, balance mood, support brain function, and reduce inflammation.

Bee pollen: Local bee pollen can be taken to help relieve allergies since it's rich in vitamins and minerals. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and can even help strengthen the nervous system by improving the flow of blood supply. When used topically it can help relieve dryness, calm acne, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. (Ingest in small doses).

Chaga: This mushroom is one of our favorite adaptogenic herbs that's incredibly rich in antioxidant strains. The acid found in chaga has been known to prevent the development of tumor, break down bad cholesterol in the body, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity.

Cacao: Tasty and effective, cacao is great to use when you need a quick energy boost! It also can also help with mental clarity and improve mood since it boosts serotonin. Believe it or not, cacao even has 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, more calcium than cow’s milk and is a great source of iron, and magnesium.

Sea buckthorn: Another antioxidant-rich berry, this superfood has some serious benefits that help the body in so many ways. When used on this skin it’s incredibly moisturizing and rich in vitamin E. It can also help reduce scarring, fight acne and rosacea, and prevent the loss of collagen. 


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