So You Just Finished A Cleanse... Now What?


So you just finished a cleanse, CONGRATS!  

If you’re anything like me it’s more about mind over matter than actually being hungry or deprived.  The mind is a powerful thing and triumphing over those negative, begging you to quit, thoughts is just as powerful a healing process as your internal cleanse.

Now that you know how good you can feel with clean eating, you never want to go back to your pre-cleanse bad habits.  Here are a few of my favorite tricks and post-cleanse tips to keep you feeling great all year!  

  • Ease back into eating heavier foods.
  • DO NOT go right for that slice of pizza or cake you were craving during your cleanse. The day after your cleanse should be filled with clean food, veggies and even some juice.  Hold off on indulging for as long as you can.  Some of those foods you crave might not even taste as good post cleanse!

  • Start a morning ritual.  
  • On your cleanse the first thing you were putting into your body was water and then nutrient dense juice.  Keep this up!  Hot water and lemon is something you can incorporate every day to help your digestive system start off with a clean slate.  If you don’t have access to juice every morning just make sure you’re eating something vibrant and nourishing like a smoothie, chia pudding or coconut yogurt and fruit.

  • Make sure your meals always have a lot of color!   
  • I like bright fruits in the morning and incorporate as many different greens and fermented foods as I can throughout the rest of the day.   I trade white potatoes for sweet potatoes, white rice for black rice and cut out the bread whenever possible.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Every food choice we make can’t be perfect.  But that’s okay.  Do your best, don’t get down on yourself if you make a bad choice, really need a piece of cake or just don’t have access to anything healthy. Just enjoy it, move on and make up for it at your next meal.

  • Be Grateful.
  • How lucky are we to have access to almost any food we want at any time?  How amazing that we have the choice to do a cleanse, to treat our bodies well and to nourish ourselves every day without worry.  We all have so much to be grateful for.   A little daily reminder can help change our entire perspective on food, life and our daily practices.  


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