When I sit down to write these articles I can’t help but write about the exact thing at the forefront of my mind at the moment. And lately that has been anxiety.  Anxiety is not something I have really ever had to deal with in my life, until recently.  And what an SOB it is.  Keeping me up at night, causing inflammation in my body, migraines, making me cry for no reason, and so much more.

However, I’ve started to incorporate one word back into my life and it has made such a difference. That word is PLAY.  One day I had the simple realization that I needed to stop taking everything so seriously.  Take time to enjoy life, stop rushing to the destination and just PLAY.   This is definitely hard for many people and not something that comes easy to me.  But the more I start to sprinkle PLAY in the better I feel, the more productive I become and the more fulfilled my life seems.  

My small efforts at playing have made such a big difference in calming my anxiety that I had to share.  I hope this post can be a little reminder that it’s okay to slow down once in a while and let your inner child come out.   


I don’t mean go to the gym and workout, I mean get active in fun creative ways. 

  • Ride your bike around the neighborhood with no real purpose or destination in mind.  You’re just riding your bike for fun! 
  • Jump on a trampoline.  I bought a really small one for my house (to help drain my lymphs).  Try jumping on a trampoline without smiling, it’s impossible.  
  • Pick a fun physical challenge that you can work on at home.  I started with trying to do a headstand on my own and am now working my way up to a full handstand!


Something that’s really fun that you’ve always wanted to do but thought maybe you aged out of it or it just didn’t have enough purpose in your life.  

  • Make your own beer or wine in your garage. 
  • Take up painting. 
  • Collect seashells from the beach each morning.  
  • I’m taking surfing lessons a couple times a month and it’s so fun!  


As adults we sometimes put too high of stakes on things, even things that don’t really have that big of consequences.  Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules we have made for ourselves. 

  • Eat something you shouldn’t.   Like an ice cream cone!  
  • Take a day off, even though you have plenty of work to do.  
  • Stay in bed all day! 
  • Turn your phone off, completely off, for the entire weekend.  
  • Jump into the ocean at night.  Clothing optional.