Green Table Cafe: One of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles



Pull up a chair and sit down at Green Table Cafe! Started by a husband and wife duo, Led and Britney, it is known as being one of the first Italian-inspired vegan restaurants in the nation—and let us say that the food is seriously tasty! But aside from owning and creating one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, the couple are also life coaches, certified registered Holistic Nutritionists, and talented pâtissiers. Just when we thought they couldn’t be any more amazing.

Before the cafe debuted in March 2017, their business was known as Real Raw Vegan: an online community dedicated to healthy living through organic, plant-based eating. After creating a number of recipes and posting them on social media channels, Led and Britney took notice that people were loving their dishes and wanting more. And so, they decided to bring their dream to life and opened Green Table Cafe, where they have been serving up some seriously delicious vegan Italian food.

Not only are their dishes plant-based and mostly raw, but they’re so delicious (and filling) that even your meat-eating friends will be lining up to try some. Have a food allergy? There’s also choices for gluten-free and nut-free eaters. Take a peek at the menu and explore all their options such as juices, smoothies, superfood bowls, salads, pressed panini’s, and vegan desserts. But that’s not all—it wouldn’t be an Italian cafe without an espresso bar. Make sure to try one of their lattes that’s made with fresh ground espresso and almond Mylk.

There’s not much we love more than eating at places like Green Table Cafe, other than partnering with them! At Renew Juicery we strive to provide wholesome and healthy options to the community, as well as local restaurants and neighborhood cafes. Working with people like Led and Britney has not only allowed us to support each other, but also to spread the word about healthy eating.

Take a look at what we got our hands (and tastebuds) on!

B...Loved: Tofu "egg" scramble warmed with sweet, yellow onion, garlic, red bell pepper, fresh tomato, avocado, vegan mozzarella, vegan spicy mayonnaise, all on ciabatta bread.

G.T. Signature Burger: Green Table falafel patty, breaded zucchini, roasted bell pepper, sundried tomato, vegan mayonnaise, mixed greens, ketchup & Italian spice on a toasted bun.

Double Chocolate Mousse Pie: Coconut flakes, currants, and cinnamon crust. Dark chocolate, coconut cream, and cacao filling. Green Table Cafe's signature raw pie!

Like what you see? Visit them at the address below:

Green Table Cafe
5998 W. Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90035


Photo Credit: Emily Murphy

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