Fat Is Good For You!

While many of the trends from the 90’s quickly faded (pogs, frosted tips, giga-pets) the fat free trend was one that really seemed to linger. Fat free cookies, doughnuts, popcorn; it got a little out of hand. The sad reality is that when fat is taken out of a food it has to be replaced by something and in most cases this was sugar. It’s no wonder nobody was losing weight in the 90s, not to mention how sick and confused our society became.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that people really started talking about the possibility of fat actually being okay to eat, maybe even healthy for you. Let me be the one to confirm it, fat is good for you! Fat won’t make you fat. And can even make you look younger.

Beware though, not all fats are created equal. Here are a few of my favorite fats and the amazing things they can do for you:


Forms: Raw coconut meat, coconut water, coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut cream
Benefits: It’s a long list but here are some favorites: burns fat, improves skin (when eaten and used topically), lowers cholesterol, kills candida, strengthens the immune system, helps with digestion


Forms: Avocado meat/fruit, avocado oil
Benefits: packed with potassium, high in fiber, great for the heart and reducing cholesterol, promotes glowing skin, high in antioxidants, helps flush out toxins

Sprouted Almonds

Forms: Nut/seed, almond butter, almond oil, almond flour, almond mylk
Benefits: high in protein and fiber, great source of Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, great for the heart and cardiovascular system, loaded with essential trace minerals like copper and manganese, brain food.

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