No Stress CBD Beauty Bites


Many of you know I have been a fan of the healing powers of CBD for a while now. I have personally used it to help with inflammation in my own body, assist me in getting better sleep and to calm anxiety. It has so many other benefits including reducing the size of tumors, calming PTSD, aiding in digestion, reducing epileptic seizures and much more. CBD is not psychoactive and is not a drug.

So when the lovely Shauna from Soul Wellness Method told me she wanted to make a delicious beauty food snack using CBD, I was so down. And that’s when we came up with the recipe for these CBD Beauty Bites.

This recipe is packed with beauty foods and has many healing powers including: reducing inflammation, fighting fine lines and wrinkles, clearing brain fog and boosting energy.

I had a great time learning more about Shauna and her brand and making these delicious CBD Beauty Bites with her (which literally take 5 minutes to make). I hope you enjoy!

CBD Beauty Bites Recipe:


1⁄2 Cup Cacao

4 Tablespoons Renew Coconut Manna

8 soaked and pitted Dates

1 teaspoon Renew Pearl Powder

20 drops CBD oil

1 pinch Renew Ancient Mineral Salt

1 tablespoon Coconut oil


Add all ingredients to food processor and process on high until completely mixed together.
Roll into small balls and top with your favorite superfoods.

We used:

Renew Goji Berries,

Renew Chia Seeds,

Renew Bee Pollen,

Cacao Powder,

Matcha Powder

Refrigerate until hardened (about 10 min) and enjoy!

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